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Take the BPC Cloud Go Live in a Day challenge.


In just one day, you can have a working application with your own data.  No obligation.


Come to one of our Go Live in a Day challenge roadshow events – the next ones are on 19 and 20 July – you can get your hands on a free trial of the BPC Cloud powered by SAP BPC and SAP HANA – the leading EPM solution for statutory reporting, planning, budgeting, forecasting, managerial reporting and analytics on the the leading in memory platform.  This state of the art cloud solution is available to any organisation as a service ensuring you benefit from the best in process, collaboration, modelling and financial intelligence for your crucial enterprise performance management requirements.  With our rapid deployment templates for IFRS, budgeting and forecasting incorporating support for sales planning, capex modelling and secure headcount planning components we provide you with not only a platform that is groundbreaking in its simplicity for deployment, but you could be using it immediately to add value to your business through more efficient processes and better decision making.

BPC Cloud by Opal Wave

You need a cloud planning, budgeting, forecasting or reporting solution that supports statutory consolidations including IFRS?  Opal Wave has brought the market leading SAP BPC technology, powered by SAP HANA to the market as a pure cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.  Uniquely available from Opal Wave, the SAP BPC Cloud solution enables businesses to deploy SAP BPC with unprecedented speed and with minimal effort using our fully functional templated content so you are really able to ‘Go Live in a Day’ with a productive system.

Putting off moving to SAP BPC because of cost and time scales? Go live in a day with Opal Wave


+ Rapid deployment
+ No hardware cost
+ Highly efficient and massively scalable
+ Simple to configure and use!


See how easy it is to “go live in a day” with SAP BPC Cloud by Opal Wave – want to see if this solution is for you?. Read our free paper now!

“Go live in a day” with the Opalwave SAP BPC cloud solution – Download your free ebook

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We needed a solution that would give us fast, accurate, and reliable reporting and consolidation. At the same time, we needed a solution that all the different groups in our company would be able to implement and use with relative ease
Marc Fahl, Head of Group Financial Monitoring and Consolidation, Bank Audi sal – Audi Saradar Group

Go Live in a day – SAP BPC Cloud IFRS Starter kit

Updated to support the latest IFRS statutory requirements, the Opal Wave IFRS starter kit for the SAP BPC Cloud solution delivers unprecedented speed of deployment.  We enable you to load your own legal entity structure, map your trial balance directly to a pre-configured chart of accounts and report immediately.

It’s also completely flexible – you want to update the chart to incorporate your own codes, apply your own corporate style to reporting or even configure your own suite of reporting – it is all possible.  Enabled by the training provided with the solution including classroom based training options as well as video tutorials and solution documentation you can configure the system yourself.  If you feel you need extra help, the Opal Wave support and consulting services provide all of the skills and extra resource that your business might require.


> See our training options and watch sample training videos here

Go Live in a day – SAP BPC Cloud for Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting


With templates for planning, budgeting and forecasting processes, you can go live in a day with the SAP BPC Cloud from Opal Wave to support your key business EPM processes.

Whether you need a sales forecasting capability or a detailed headcount planning model, the fully customise-able templates provided with the solution mean that you can be running live in a fraction of the time traditionally required to deploy a solution even if you are ‘just building some spreadsheets’.  Of course you benefit from the enterprise platform and market leading capabilities of SAP BPC powered by SAP HANA, the years of best practice knowledge and experience of the Opal Wave team and the simplicity of a pure cloud solution delivered to you where you want it when you want it.

Go Live in a Day – Try it for yourself

Watch our video: BPC Cloud solution

Want to learn more?

Why not check our events page where we have details of regular hands on workshops.

You can attend with no obligation, try out the solution with a consultant on hand to answer any questions and guide you through loading your data for the first time – and see the outputs immediately.  Why not put us to the test and see if you can go live in a day.

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Our SAP Products


Opal Wave provide comprehensive Enterprise Performance Management suite of products. Incorporating hardware, managed cloud hosting, SAP EPM and SAP HANA powered solutions, deployment services, training and support which address the requirements of businesses of all sizes.

(BPC) Solutions, Certified SAP consultants, SAP Cloud Services, SAP HANA consultants, SAP HANA Training, SAP Hardware specialist, SAP Software Training, SAP Analytics, SAP BPC courses

SAP Consultancy


From strategy and end to end implementation services to support and enhancement Opal Wave has the people who can help.

(BPC) Solutions, Certified SAP consultants, SAP Cloud Services, SAP HANA consultants, SAP HANA Training, SAP Hardware specialist, SAP Software Training, SAP Analytics, SAP BPC courses

SAP Training


Opal Wave specialises in both creating and delivering effective training solutions for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) technologies.

(BPC) Solutions, Certified SAP consultants, SAP Cloud Services, SAP HANA consultants, SAP HANA Training, SAP Hardware specialist, SAP Software Training, SAP Analytics, SAP BPC courses

SAP Events


At Opal Wave we’re always keeping up to date with the latest information about performance management and here is where we share it with you.

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